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B.L. Dawn

Welcome to the official website of B. L. Dawn. As a fantasy author, her mission in life is to fully immerse you in her world.  

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B.L. Dawn is the author of the upcoming Time Series. After earning her Bachelor of Science Degree, Dawn raised a family in the wonderful state of West Virginia. Being family-oriented, she has been lucky to find a very supportive husband and two amazing children. Creativity and imagination have always played a huge role in her life. The fantastical world she created is vivid and highly addictive. As every page turns, the shifters come to life and take you on an emotional, magical, and romantic ride.

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Troy Duran


Heather Firth

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In Due Time: Book 2


Released on

June 1, 2023




"All of the feelings in her heart, every event she has experienced, every bit of humor and horror of her mind, is written for all to know."  B. L. Dawn

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