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A sci-fi experience that is steamy, emotional, and thought-provoking. 


Xerk: As Captain of the Blue Tongue Orc Tribe, my responsibility is to protect my kind. There is but one problem. My tribe is doomed. Our females have been dwindling for generations until hundreds of males and a handful of females are left. Sadly, many females have fertile bonds and are no longer available for procreation.

My fertile bond is the first of her kind, Frey, a human who crash-landed on Harlock three rotations ago. Little does she know, I found the female aliens who were held captive with her, and they did not perish. They are tortured, being assaulted daily by the Red Eyed Orc Clan.

This rescue is dangerous but vital due to the fertility of these females and the fact that Frey’s best friend, Kitten, is at the Red Eyed Orc’s garrison. If I don’t save that feline, I’m afraid Frey’s love will never again be what it was when I informed her of this. She must feel extreme guilt for living safely inside the mountain these past three rotations.
However, I will make things right, so my fertile bond and I can be joyful once more.
And Kitten will find safety among my tribe once she decides on one of my brothers as a fertile bond.

FYI - This book has many different types of family dynamics and is a steamy, fast-paced romance that will keep your heart racing. Enjoy!

Two rotations ago, the Red Eyed Orc Clan enslaved a large group of creatures that had crash-landed on Harlock. Since then, they’ve been sexually abused each day by the horde. Now, my tribe will save them.
My heart gallops against my sternum, craving battle. Craving anything other than training, eating, and sleeping. Or, more accurately, endless loneliness. No prospects of family. Constant despair. Those are the traits festering inside me and all the males of the Blue Tongue Orc Tribe.
That is why I jumped at this opportunity to be on the front lines. To be the first to make contact with one of these females. I want to be the first to prove my strength and value as a fertile bonded mate.
The only problem is that I fall for who I should not.


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